Fun Editions Strawberry Laces Hand Wash

Fun Editions Strawberry Laces Hand Wash

Carex Complete, Strawberry Laces antibacterial hand wash has been created to make hand washing fun. Using our effective formula combined with our special ‘Fun Edition’ fragrance, it Cleans, Cares and Protects, so you and your family can feel free to “Live Life Hands On”

Our trusted, expertly developed formulation:

Cleans: Effectively removes dirt and germs
Cares: Our special blend of moisturisers helps keep skin feeling soft
Protects: All-round protection for healthy hands, big and small

Available in 250ml

  • Fun Strawberry Laces Fragrance
  • Dermatologically tested by experts


Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Polyquaternium-7, Parfum, Sodium Benzoate, Lactic Acid, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Benzotriazolyl Dodecyl p-Cresol, CI 17201.

Customer Reviews

    • Don't discontinue!
    • I love the fun edition, imagine if you could make shower gels with the same smell, just amazing! Please think about it.
      P.s Lovehearts and strawberry laces are the only ones I've seen and tried but they are scrumptious.
    • Skipper
    • Great handwashes
    • I love all the Cussons Carex handwashes; aloe vera, sensitive, silver, original, chocolate orange, strawberry laces etc both the packaging and liquid is good quality and value for money because the products are reasonably priced and affordable for working class families. In fact all cussons products are reasonably priced but are of good quality, the products are well designed and eye catching, they meet our essential needs. :)
    • Rani
    • Best hand washes !!!
    • Love these strawberry laces bubble gum and cola bottle can't wait to try the chocolate orange this weekend please don't discontinue and chocolate lime would be nice!!
    • Shazbo
    • Genius way to get your children to wash their hands!
    • I find it a strange thing that, at some stage, all children seem to try to avoid washing their hands after they've been to the loo! My 4 year old is currently going through this phase, but it has been made so much easier by the fact that she LOVES the smell of this soap! On the whole she is more eager to wash them because of the smell and I can also catch her out if she says she has washed them (but hasn't) by smelling her hands. All I need to say as she goes to the loo is make sure you're hands smell of strawberries afterwards!!
    • Hools!
    • Please please please
    • Please make this into a shower gel, my hands smell so good I want to use it as a shower gel, please make this possible!!!
    • Sam
    • Abso marvelous
    • Don't usually like washin my hands but it's pure great with this soap. Canny whack it. Actual can't get enough, just wanna bathe in the stuff. I just wanna munch on my fingers yum yum
    • Biglouisebee
    • Abso marvelous
    • Don't usually like washin my hands but it's pure great with this soap. Canny whack it. Actual can't get enough, just wanna bathe in the stuff. I just wanna munch on my fingers yum yum
    • Biglouisebee
    • Bubblegum handwash
    • Excellent product and well done Carex. My grandchildren never have to be asked to wash their hands. Getting through lots of bottles but its worth it. Must try the strawberry laces next.
    • Carole
    • Fun edition handwash
    • Amazing, excellent, and totally addicted. My grandchildren now love to wash their hands. I never have to remind them anymore before meal times. They love the feel and the bubble gum smell. Only problem is keeping up with buying more! Well done Carex on an excellent product.
    • Carole
    • Ugh
    • Can't agree with the other reviews. Smells OK in the bottle, but like horrible cheap perfume on your hands.
    • Tal
    • Fantabulous!
    • My chemistry teacher has this in her lab and it is the best hand wash gel I have ever used! Love the smell!
    • Merkatron McSwag
    • amazing
    • I have used all three flavours of your hand wash and its amazing, my kids are washing there hands at every opportunity and have had to stop them from trying to use it in the bath. please don't stop making these and make more flavours !!!!
    • heatherturner
    • Love it!
    • Please please do not stop making this one! I bought this at the weekend and put it in the bathroom, and it's half empty already. I have lectured my two children for years about the importance of keeping their hands clean and have largely been ignored until now. I have NEVER seen them so enthusiastic about washing their hands! I would really appreciate this one being available permanently :)
    • Lesley
    • fantastic
    • Love the smell and makes my hand feel really soft.
    • kai
    • Strawberrytastic
    • Brilliant idea fun and genuinely makes the kids wash there hands. We've just opened strawberry laces but we have had cola bottles and choc orange. They are great my sons been walking round yelling mum smell my hands all day
    • Sharni

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