About Carex


Carex is a leading global hand wash brand. We care for millions of hands every day, and our product range caters for all kinds of situations, needs and skin types.

Since the launch of Carex hand in Kenya, it has been well received in the market. The brand has a wide range products which include hand wash, hand gels and wipes. Our products leave your hands feeling hygienically clean and cared for, so that you and your family don’t have to worry about germs and can get on with having fun

All our hand washes are proudly made in the UK, where our dedicated team of ‘CareXperts’ develop, test and strive for the best so we remain your Number 1 Hand Care Brand. 

Over the years, the brand has continued to grow in the market offering high quality, effective products to suit every occasion and need for the busy lives we all lead.

Our activities

Carex has been involved in a number of activities in Kenya to create more awareness about the need for proper hand washing and provide support and education. These activities include;

Global hand washing day

Carex supports Global Hand washing Day which is celebrated on the 15th of October each year and focuses on educating children on the importance of washing their hands regularly.